"This is a really nice spot. The dancers are super hot and the stage has a ton of poles. The DJ kills it every time we go in. Thanks Playhouse!"

Michael Weston

"Went here last weekend and had a blast. It reminded me of a Florida club with the atmosphere and girls. Good spot to go to."

Zachary Watson

"Can't wait to go back here. The dancers are top notch. Super clean and professional place. This place does it right."

Jim Darley

"This place is off the chain, to say the least. Ladies are stunning. Staff is on point. The light show is blinding. My friend’s and I will be back soon."

William Podkovich

"Loved going here for a friend's birthday party. Everyone was very polite and the entertainers were very professional and clean. I’d recommend going here for your next party. I promise you won’t be disappointed!"

Brian Houston

"Always have a ton of fun here. Great place to go with friends. Women here are friendly and fun to just hangout with, light show is cool, staff makes you feel at home and has been helpful getting my friends and I taken care of. Worth every dollar."

Issac Barmet

"I love this spot. Ask around town, everyone knows this is the best spot out there!"

Kaleigh Lane

"This place is amazing. Great performers and I miss all of you ladies who would drag me up on stage to be a part of your fun. Loved it there."

Melissa Rose

"I love this place! Every time we go to the casino we end up here. The girls are amazing, they are so friendly and fun to be around."

Tiffany Anderson

"Amazing sound system and even more amazing girls!"

Jose Arrendondo

"Badass spot"

Mike Tom

"Great place!"

kyle glass

"Had a great New Years here, the girls are great and got to have a memorable 2020. Ty Playhouse!"

Perry Stichling

"Super sick spot for being in this area. A buddy talked my into going Thursday night-- cover was only $10 and drinks were $1... Sat with one girl, Demmi? She was super cool and really cute. Didn't think I'd see girls that hot there but they were and were cool as hell. I'd recommend this spot for sure"

Jeramiah M

"I’ve been frequenting the Iowa Playhouse since it opened just over 16 years ago. In my experience it is the absolute best spot in the region, one of the best in the country in fact. And in all this time the Iowa Playhouse has retained its position at the top for a few simple reasons; consistency, quality, and customer service. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful when you walk in the door, they give you an introduction to the layout of the place and where you will find your important amenities. The entertainers are skillful, talented and most of all absolutely beautiful. Music and DJ is always on point, full of energy throughout the night, and the light show is unmatched in the area. I’ve been to countless clubs Throughout the US, and the Iowa Playhouse is consistently of the highest caliber."

Zachary Tiller

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