Is the Playhouse fully nude?

Yes, the Playhouse is the Omaha Metro area’s only fully nude establishment open to the public. You’re going to love it.

What is the age limit?

You must be 18 or older to enter.

Do you have a light show?

We have spent $500,000 on lighting and sound. We let the professionals at Madrix design the show itself.

Will the lighting affect me?

We are federally licensed to own and operate our lasers. They are positioned and designed to not affect you in any adverse way.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

You may bring beer, cocktails-in-a-can, wine, and champagne. No beer bottles, cans only.

Can I purchase drinks at the venue?

Can I bring food inside?

Yes, you may bring food inside with you.

Is there food available?

Yes, we know you may get hungry. You may order food with the cashier.

Can I buy dances with a credit card?

What type of music will be played?

We don’t discriminate, our DJ’s play a mix from all genres of music. However, the beat drops at 10pm.

May I request music to be played?

We’re always up for suggestions. The DJ and light technician lock the booth at 10pm until 4am to ensure the best show possible.

How do I book an event?

Private booked events take place on Monday’s and may be booked on-site.

What’s the price for a private event?

Prices vary.

What is the dress code?

Dress for success. Come as you are.

May I wear body paint?

Yes, we love when you do this.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Are there ATM’s available on-site?

Yes, we have three ATM’s available for you to use.

What are hours of operation?

Tuesday 6pm - 2am
Wednesday 6pm - 2am
Thursday 6pm - 2am
Friday 6pm - 4am
Saturday 6pm - 5am

What is an acceptable form of identification?

Valid state or federal issued ID

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes, of course.

Am I allowed to smoke at the venue?

We have designated smoking sections made specifically for you.

Am I allowed to bring a bag inside?

Yes, but it is subject to inspection.

How do I speak to someone direct to answer my questions?

You may call (712) 366-8880 during hours of operation to speak with someone from the venue.

What is the refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds. You’re going to love it.

I lost/left something at the venue, how do I get it back?

Please call (712) 366-8880 during business hours to arrange an item pickup.

“Track My iPhone” says my phone is inside the Playhouse, how can I retrieve it?

Please call (712) 366-8880 during business hours to arrange an item pickup.

Once I’m inside, can I leave and re-enter?


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